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Your kids go to an elite private school, cool their heels at a snobby polo club and have a list of accomplishments that make Nobel Prize winners look like slackers. Great, Capricorn. But underneath all the trappings, is your family happy? At times, you can lose sight of this on your quest to climb the social ladder. Your macrobiotic mini-me might grow up to be a rebellious junk food hound.

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You tend to be uber-hard on yourself. Motherhood is a journey, not a competition. Momscopes: The Capricorn Mom. Solid Values Capricorn is a traditional sign with a strong sense of duty and history.

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Mama Mia! Status Obsession Your kids go to an elite private school, cool their heels at a snobby polo club and have a list of accomplishments that make Nobel Prize winners look like slackers. Follow Momstrology. The AstroTwins talk Momstrology.

Capricorn Father — Aries Child

Join our mailing list. Tags aries Astrology baby bad mommy black history body body image books Cancer cancer kid capricorn celebrities Crafts divorce DIY Finds fresh prince of bel-air gemini gifts Holidays jennie garth karyn parsons kids leo libra lovelies Mother's Day parenting peter facinelli Pinterest pisces play pregnant productivity sagittarius scorpio self care spirituality stories style taurus toys traditions uma thurman virgo. A Capricorn mom is a "stick-with-it-until-it's-done" mom, while a Gemini child has a short attention span, a lively mind, and is interested in everything and everyone.

He bores easily and is quick to move from one thing to another and one subject to another with a speed that can make mom's head spin. No routines or schedules work for this child, which means a Capricorn mom will have to lighten up, take a deep breath, laugh at his antics, answer all his questions, and bend some of her rules to facilitate her Gemini child's development. A Capricorn mom can give her Cancer child the reliability, stability, and consistency she needs.

Her child will feel safe and secure with mom's "old school" type of mothering.

Both love home and family but have less understanding on an emotional level. Mom is emotionally reserved and finds it difficult to show warmth while a Cancer child is very dependent on a warm and loving emotional connection with mom. A Capricorn mom will have to make a special effort to show her love and affection openly and provide her Cancer child with lots of physical love and attention.

Capricorn Relationship

Naturally warm-hearted, playful, exuberant, and happy, a Leo child sees the world as his stage and those in it his adoring audience, especially his serious-minded Capricorn mom. While his flashy gregarious "see me" nature will sometime make mom shudder, she must be careful not to extinguish his enthusiasm or hurt his pride. Mom will have to accept that he's very different than she is, adjust to his dramatic attention-seeking nature, let him brag and show off a bit, and give him lots of praise and recognition for being the strong, fearless, and creative child he is.

A Capricorn mom and her Virgo child are very much alike.

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A Virgo child will thrive in the well-ordered, stable home life a Capricorn mom provides, and mom will appreciate that her Virgo child keeps her room clean and is so willing to help around the house without being told. A Virgo child is mature for her age and like her mom, she's emotionally reserved.