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Also it is quite possible that the government sought to change the notes to keep more control over the population by demonetizing notes, people who were becoming rich and hoarding money were bankrupted.


This kind of action has been carried out many times in other similar regimes such as North Korea. However, even if demonetizing notes and introducing replacements is not so odd, the numbers of the new notes, 45 and 90 are odd. The only positive side to the move to the multiples of nine, lucky for Ne Win and the military, is found by Fink, who suggests that the unusual denominations may have improved the math skills of the people of Myanmar. The public was incensed at the move and anti- government protests began in Yangon and elsewhere.

Despite the fact that he lived to the age of 92 it was not all good luck for General Ne Win from this moment. As the protests continued he could not handle the leadership pressure anymore and decided to resign in The night before he handed in his resignation he slept not in his house, but at the Saya San Hall, based upon the advice of his astrologer. The fact that he is interested in astrology is also mentioned in every description I have read about Sein Lwin.

This is partly to make him seem more of a maniac.

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However, again from the view point of the Myanmar people his belief in the power of astrology would not have been objectionable. The same could not be said for his horrendous actions which resulted in orders to kill many protestors. The public could not accept this and any astrological advice Sein Lwin may have received did not work. His replacement was General Than Shwe another firm believer in the powers of astrology, fortune tellers, numerology, and yadayah chai, perhaps even more so than his predecessors.

Than Shwe arrived as head of the country in , a turbulent year that the leaders would rather forget but that the public and the wider world will not. Summer saw the most serious anti-government protests since independence forty years before. The General and the military were unused to dealing with this and of course turned to astrology for extra help. It is beyond the scope of the paper to go into too much detail about the events of and there is the danger of going wildly off-topic.

To sum up Aung San Suu Kyi, the chief threat to General Ne Win and his tight grip on power was placed under house arrest, not for the last time and the General managed to command Myanmar until , thanks in part at least surely to sound astrological advice.

General Than Shwe and November 5th General Than Shwe survived a number of anti-government protests which despite the isolation of Myanmar from the international community, became well-known throughout the world. How did he manage to hold on to power for so long? Despite his harsh regime he was never overthrown by the people of his country, pushed aside by a rival or removed from government by foreign powers.

All three of these situations were met by a number of similarly strong dictators in other countries such as Saddam Hussein in Iraq or Colonel Gadhafi in Libya. General Than Shwe was, of course worried that he would be pushed aside by Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD and their supporters, usurped by a rival or that his country would be invaded by a foreign nation looking to remove him from power. This concern was naturally shared by his wife, who no doubt enjoyed the lavish lifestyle afforded to her by the power and influence her husband held in Myanmar.

According to Rogers Mrs. Than Shwe is heavily into astrology and yadayah chai. Thanks partly to the influence of his wife Than Shwe got more involved with this and Buddhism while he was controlling Myanmar. This incident is said to have increased his interest in this side of traditional Myanmar culture. His most famous spiritual advisor was E Thi, a tiny deaf mute who is known beyond Myanmar, former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin is alleged to have visited her for advice. He was apparently told to leave Thailand to avoid death. E Thi, also known as E. Rogers provides some instances that suggest that he may take his lucky number quite seriously.

On September , prisoners were released. Nine plus two equals eleven.

On November in the same year several dissidents, including prominent democracy leader Min Ko Naing were sentenced at 11 a. Six plus five equals eleven and he was sentenced at eleven a. A verdict in a case against a prominent threat to the regime at eleven in the morning in the eleventh month may also be pure coincidence, but the length of the sentence, sixty five years, seems as odd as having a forty five or ninety denomination banknote. Clearly the people were not released or put into prison because of numerology, however it is quite possible that numerology still played a part and that Than Shwe relied upon the power of eleven when choosing the moment to do this or the length of the sentence.

I have found no evidence that Ko Naing and others were sentenced to prison based on astrological advice, however it seems that numerology still played a part, perhaps the regime wanted to guarantee that their decision to imprison Ko Naing and others would prolong their regime. This suggests that at times Than Shwe and others lack belief in some of their choices and are perhaps shy and do not wish to be seen as weak by asking others for advice.

Larkin goes on to mention that even his voice has never been recorded and that if he gives a rare public speech it does not appear on radio or TV, instead it is transcribed for newspapers. However there are several difference between the two men that were ruling their countries during the same period. Firstly Kim Jon Il never sought any guidance from any fortune tellers, astrologists or Buddhist monks, as far as we know.

Myanmar Baydin – Myanmar Baydin

Secondly despite the shyness of Kim Jon Il who was not confident in his public speaking abilities for example, his image was everywhere. The cult of Kim exists everywhere in North Korea, on the banknotes and stamps we can see the faces of Kim Il Sung or his son Kim Jon Il and there were a number of huge statues and many billboards showing a likeness of the leaders throughout the country. Than Shwe never adopted this custom unlike many other dictators, and so his image was not displayed throughout Myanmar on posters, statues or by other means except in schools and government buildings.

So the average citizen would not encounter his image on a daily basis. This shows perhaps a shyness or lack of confidence, or maybe humbleness. Firstly inside the Defense Services Museum in Yangon, according to Larkin there are pictures of Than Shwe everywhere often in military uniform looking powerful and in complete control of the nation.

A few years ago a new statue was placed inside the most important Buddhist temple in Myanmar.

For centuries it has been the tradition to take visiting dignitaries to the pagoda, including in the past King Chulalongkorn and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. So why does it exist and why is it there? Perhaps this is to remind people that he is always watching, or maybe to suggest that he is equally as powerful as the religious order.

The fact that outside schools and government offices the only place to see an image of Than Shwe during his rule was in the Shwe Dagon and inside the Defense Services Museum is highly significant. As the holiest spot in Myanmar throughout history the power of the She Dagon has been used by many people.

Famously it was used by Aung San Suu Kyi to perform speeches and a number of anti-government marches either started or ended here. Having many images of General Than Shwe inside the Defense Services Museum is not quite so unusual and in this case re-enforces the fact that he is the supreme commander of the military.

The unifying connection between the Defense Services Museum and the Shwe Dagon is that they are both important places within Yangon for the two most important and powerful groups in Myanmar, the military and the Buddhist clergy. By placing his images in these two spots, possibly following advice from fortune tellers, Than Shwe attempts to assert his authority as the supreme leader of the nation and places himself on equal footing with Buddha, in a similar manner to past Kings of Myanmar.

Of course when these images were installed Yangon was the capital city of Myanmar, as it had been since the time of colonization by the British. However on November 5th the capital city of Myanmar was abruptly transferred to a new specially created new city near the physical center of the country. This move surprised many both inside and outside of the country, for amongst other issues the cost of the custom built new capital city and the relocation ate up 2.

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Burmese Astrology And Horoscopes Summarised By Affia Masood

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